1400 mathematische Abiturientenaufgaben by Schaeffer A., Fuchs A.

By Schaeffer A., Fuchs A.

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Uninterrupted linguistic and territorial continuities could truly be taken at face value. But language and geography can only provide the partial conceptual vehicles for a continuous narrative discourse focusing on historicized social totalities, usually circumscribed by political units (Ricoeur 1983: passim and 342f). In this sense, in order to build on the notion of a historical nation, the idea of a coherent and circumscribed cultural continuity should be arguable in empirically convincing terms.

Down to the present day, processes of modernization are universally painful and contradictory. And 1. Otherwise highly controversial, Bernal (1987) is invaluable in substantiating what he refers to as the ideological fabrication of ancient Greece in the eighteenth century. – 31 – Constantine Tsoukalas even if, more often than not, the so-called antinomy between tradition and modernity is more mystifying than explanatory, it is usually in these terms that most violently-imported issues are considered and eventually solved.

Wintle, M. (1996), ‘Introduction: Cultural Diversity and Identity in Europe’, in Wintle M. ), Culture and Identity in Europe, Aldershot: Avebury. – 25 – This page intentionally left blank –1– The Irony of Symbolic Reciprocities – The Greek Meaning of ‘Europe’ as a Historical Inversion of the European Meaning of ‘Greece’ Constantine Tsoukalas The Invention of Greekness In full contrast with most national discourses, the discourses underlying modern Greek identities have been largely imported. Indeed, the main narrative foundations of the self-perceptions and images of Greeks were first laid out in Western Europe as components of a broader representation of the sources of European civilization.

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