1811 dictionary of the vulgar tongue; a dictionary of by Francis Grose

By Francis Grose

A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, collage Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence. Unabridged.

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CONTENT. The cull's content; the man is past complaining: a saying of a person murdered for resisting the robbers. CANT. CONTENT. A thick liquor, in imitation of chocolate, made of milk and gingerbread. CONTRA DANCE. A dance where the dancers of the different sexes stand opposite each other, instead of side by side, as in the minuet, rigadoon, louvre, and now corruptly called a country dance. CONUNDRUMS. Enigmatical conceits. CONVENIENT. A mistress. CANT. CONVENIENCY. A necessary. A leathern conveniency, a coach.

CAPON. A castrated cock, also an eunuch. CAPRICORNIFIED. Cuckolded, hornified. CAPSIZE. To overturn or reverse. He took his broth till he capsized; he drank till he fell out of his chair. SEA TERM. CAPTAIN. Led captain; an humble dependant in a great family, who for a precarious subsistence, and distant hopes of preferment, suffers every kind of indignity, and is the butt of every species of joke or ill−humour. The small provision made for officers of the army and navy in time of peace, obliges many in both services to occupy this wretched station.

Corner of the King's Bench, where, for the convenience of prisoners residing thereabouts, beer purchased at the tap−house was retailed at a halfpenny per pot advance. It was kept by two brothers of the name of Partridge, and thence called the Brace. BRACKET−FACED. Ugly, hard−featured. BRAGGET. Mead and ale sweetened with honey. BRAGGADOCIA. vain−glorious fellow, a boaster. BRAINS. If you had as much brains as guts, what a clever fellow you would be! a saying to a stupid fat fellow. To have some guts in his brains; to know something.

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