2011-2012 Basic and Clinical Science Course, Section 12: by Carl D. Regillo MD

By Carl D. Regillo MD

Experiences the fundamental anatomy of the retina and diagnostic ways to retinal disorder. contains vast examinations of issues of the retina and vitreous, together with illness, irritation, hereditary dystrophies, abnormalities and trauma. Discusses laser remedy and vitreoretinal surgical procedure. final significant revision 2008-2009.

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Oscillatory potentials are believed to be the result of feedb ack interactions among the integrative cells of the proximal retina. They are reduced in ret inal ischemic states and in some form s of congen ital stationary night blindness. Light-adapted testing The Single-flash cone response, or photopic, ERG is obtained by maintaining the patient in a light-adapted state and sti mulating the ret ina with a bright white flash. The rods are suppressed by light adaptation and do not contri bute to the waveform.

An assessment of macular volume can also be obtained from the retinal thickness map. By evaluating differences in retinal volume over time, the clinician can evaluate the efficacy of therapy. Time-domain OCT produces retinal thickness maps from 6 x 6-mm radial scans centered on the fovea, with interpolation between the scan lines, to produce a map of the macula. In contrast, Fourier-domain OCT can image the entire macula due to increased scanning speed and improved accuracy of thick ness and volume measurements; it also offers the capability of improving registration, so imaging the same area from visit to visit is now possible.

The system's software analyzes the optical cross sectio ns of the retina, and th e info rmati on is displayed as a deviation map from a normative database as a color-coded, 2- or 3-dimensional retinal thickness map that can be overlaid on a fundus image to facilitate accurate localization of the findings. The short acquisition time, automated algorithms, and registration improve reproducibility of the RTA thickness maps. Asrani S, Zeimer R, Goldberg MF, Zou S. Application of rapid scanning retinal thickness analysis in retinal disease.

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