30 Minutes Before Your Job Appraisal (30 Minutes) by Patrick Forsyth

By Patrick Forsyth

Readers are taken via each element of guidance, in order that by the point they input the appraisal assembly they're sufficiently geared up and self-confident to invite the fitting questions and comprehend what to assert and the way to claim it.

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Are you being stretched, are you learning, or getting into a rut? p65 26 12/06/00, 15:02 Preparing for Appraisal · Special projects: some such heading allows specific, or more topical, areas of your work to be discussed. Planning for future success This section should rate at least half the discussion and time (possibly more). The focus is on the next period ahead and the way in which the chances of achieving success during it can be strengthened. Often the same main headings repeat, and questions need to allow for: n changes and differences that are known or can be anticipated (year on year); n ideas for improvement that might become part of next year’s way of working; n priorities for the period; n your role and how it might change.

The effect of this can be pronounced. Not only do you want to take in clearly everything that is said to you in an appraisal, you want to appear to be a good listener, one who takes the proceedings seriously. The checklist that follows sets out some principles that are useful and which certainly show listening to be an active process. p65 34 12/06/00, 14:58 The Appraisal Meeting · CHECKLIST: EFFECTIVE LISTENING n n n n n n n n n n Want to listen: recognizing how it can help you is the first step to doing it well.

P65 21 12/06/00, 14:52 · 30 Minutes . . Before Your Job Appraisal tennis match of ‘it was/it wasn’t’ arguments if any key facts are subject to misinterpretation or dispute. It benefits both parties, and makes the meeting much more likely to be constructive, if facts are clear to all. 7 per cent. You are just as likely to have them saying ‘Well, figures were only up 10 per cent or so’; and the difference may be important. The intention here is to ensure a constructive base for the meeting. It is not intended to suggest that there is a need for elaborate defences against appraisers eager to ‘do you down’.

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