42cm "Big Bertha" and German Siege Artillery of World War I by Marc Romanych,Martin Rupp, et al.ePub Direct|Osprey

By Marc Romanych,Martin Rupp, et al.ePub Direct|Osprey Publishing Ltd||Osprey PublishingAdult NonfictionHistoryLanguage(s): EnglishOn sale date: 20.01.2014Street date: 20.01.2014

In the early days of worldwide warfare I, Germany unveiled a brand new weapon – the cellular 42cm (16.5 inch) M-Gerät howitzer. on the time, it used to be the most important artillery piece of its type on this planet and a heavily guarded mystery. while battle broke out, of the howitzers have been rushed without delay from the manufacturing unit to Liege the place they speedy destroyed forts and forced the citadel to give up. After repeat performances at Namur, Maubeuge and Antwerp, German infantrymen christened the howitzers 'Grosse' or 'Dicke Berta' (Fat or mammoth Bertha) after Bertha von Krupp, proprietor of the Krupp armament works that equipped the howitzers. The nickname used to be quickly picked up by means of German press which triumphed the 42cm howitzers as Wunderwaffe (wonder weapons), and the legend of massive Bertha was once born. This publication info the layout and improvement of German siege weapons prior to and through international warfare I. Accompanying the textual content are many infrequent, never-before-published images of 'Big Bertha' and the opposite German siege guns....

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Craters made by 42cm high explosive rounds were as large as 6 meters deep and 9 meters wide. Rounds with fuses set to “delay” penetrated the target before detonating. The 42cm projectiles could penetrate up to 12 meters of earth and concrete before exploding. The short projectiles had a small explosive charge and thus weighed about half as much as the long projectiles and could be fired further, extending the range of the siege gun. Additionally, short projectiles were fitted with a ballistic cap to reduce air resistance and increase hit probability.

Was disassembled into three pieces; barrel, carriage, and shield. Three to four hours were needed for assembly and emplacement. Maximum range was 12,000 meters. However, despite its good mobility and range, the howitzer did not go into production because it too lacked the firepower needed to guarantee success against the strongest French and Belgian fortifications. All three of Krupp’s prototype wheeled siege howitzers saw service with the German Army during the war. R. howitzer. R. R. howitzers.

The howitzer was fired by a lanyard-actuated striker that drove a firing pin into a percussion primer located in the base of the cartridge casing. COMPONENTS OF THE GAMMA-GERÄT GAMMA-GERÄT HOWITZER ON RAIL CARS 1. Rear half of the foundation A. Foundation 2. Front half of the foundation B. Gantry crane 3. Base plate C. Base plate 4. Carriage with turntable D. Carriage with turntable 5. Cradle E. Cradle 6. Barrel and breach F. Barrel and breech 7. Munitions elevator and platform G. Munitions elevator and platform 8.

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