A bivariate uniform autoregressive process by Ristic M.M., Popovic B.C.

By Ristic M.M., Popovic B.C.

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It has something to do with a sleeplike state. It does not. Hypnotized subjects are fully awake. Certain personality types are likely to be hypnotizable.

Dreaming as unlearning also explains why we are so poor at remembering our nocturnal images. And yet Crick himself admitted that his model, like those of Solms and Hobson, is just a hypothesis. All three theories are only partially supported by experimental results. Two millennia after Artemidorus Daldianus, there is still plenty to learn. Until conclusive evidence falsifies one of these theories or substantiates a new one, we can simply go along with a paraphrase of French playwright Victor Hugo, which has been neither proved nor contradicted: Thought is the labor of the intellect; dreaming is its pleasure.

C o m COPYRIGHT 2005 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. ing neurological theories, and that he is on the way to figuring it out. He has some invaluable help in collaborators such as Tomaso A. Poggio, the neural-networks and artificial-intelligence guru at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and some lasting inspiration instilled by his close friend and longtime collaborator, the late Francis Crick, who with James D. Watson won the Nobel Prize for discovering the double-helix structure of DNA. The key to finding an answer, Koch says, is to trace the activity of neurons — the “neural correlates”— of the simplest type of con- microbiology of memory by studying sea slugs.

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