A multiplicity result for a class of nonlinear variational by Servadei R., Valdinoci E.

By Servadei R., Valdinoci E.

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Guiding principles Like everyone I know, we occasionally find ourselves faced with a decision to which there is no obvious answer. Do we borrow money to build a bigger barn, or do we keep getting by with what we have? Do we spend our meager savings on trees and soil amendments, or do we keep our money for a rainy day? Do we cull a beloved-but-high-maintenance animal, or continue accommodating her needs? And so on. At these times, it’s helped us immeasurably to have a list of touchstone principles, ideas, and ideals we can return to.

We then continued these holes through the exterior wall of the house, and affixed short sections of PVC drainpipe through them. Voilà! A passively ventilated refrigerator, replete with vintage panache. And no more Wart. We’ve used our icebox for the past half dozen winters, usually beginning in the first or second week of November and continuing to the middle of April. For the inevitable January thaw (these days, we frequently contend with December and February thaws, too), we keep a few gallons of ice in a chest freezer, to serve as radiant cooling.

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