A -stability of Runge-Kutta methods for systems with by Hernandez D. B., Spigler R.

By Hernandez D. B., Spigler R.

Numerical balance of either specific and implicit Runge-Kutta equipment for fixing usual differential equations with an additive noise time period is studied. the idea that of numerical balance of deterministic schemes is prolonged to the stochastic case, and a stochastic analogue of Dahlquist's A-stability is proposed. it really is proven that the discretization of the float time period by myself controls the A-stability of the entire scheme. The quantitative influence of implicitness upon A-stability is usually investigated, and balance areas are given for a family members of implicit Runge-Kutta tools with optimum order of convergence.

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5 is a simultaneous generalization of a result of Posp´ıˇ sil [1937] (asserting that there is an ultrafilter U with χ(U) = c) and a result of Bell, Kunen [1981] (establishing the existence of an ultrafilter V with πχ(V) ≥ cf(c)). The latter paper also describes a model of ZFC containing no ultrafilter V with πχ(V) = c. The existence of ultarfilters with character c was also proved by Kunen [1972]. 1 essentially is due to Rothberger [1948]. a] who indicates that a similar statement was proved also by Ketonen [1976].

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