A Working of Stars (Mageworlds Book 7) by Debra Doyle James D. Macdonald

By Debra Doyle James D. Macdonald

The recent novel within the sweeping Mageworlds series.On the planet Entibor, Arekhon sus-Khalgath sus Peledaen has discovered preserve and family tranquility together with his outdated love, Elaeli Inadi, on the expense of what he had left in the back of: a dispersed and shattered Mage-Circle, an estranged brother who had attempted to kill him, and a homeworld at the cusp of huge cultural upheaval.Arekhon unearths himself impelled homeward through unusual desires and prophetic visions. the nice Working—the attempt to do the unthinkable and reunite a galaxy lengthy sundered by means of the distance Between—remains incomplete, left unfinished within the aftermath of the dissolution of Arehkon’s Mage-Circle. yet an excessive amount of power and too many lives were poured into the operating already; and it can't finish as long as any of the Circle participants stay alive and certain into it.Home, regrettably, isn’t a secure position for Arehkon to be for the time being. For Eraasi has changed—and the nice fleet households on the middle of the Eraasian tradition are girding for warfare.

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What would have been a slow crawl of a month or more in normal space was barely an eyelash-flicker spent transiting the Void. Len Irao didn't even have a chance to get properly apprehensive about guardships and other hazards of an off-lanes emergence. The Fire took him into the Void and out of it again as smoothly as he'd ever known her to go. Even the usual brief disorientation was less marked than usual, although he supposed that could be the result of having other things on his mind—such as the question of what kind of disaster could have done such damage to a fleet-family vessel that only its ship-mind was left to signal for help.

Now, however, he wanted to have the meal he'd been too busy to stop for all day, and he wanted to think. The Hanilat Ploughmen's Club, where he had spent most of this afternoon and evening, had been for almost a century the main meeting place for Eraasi's agrarian and mercantile families. In past decades, when the powers of the star-lords and the groundbased interests were more in balance, very little had actually gone on inside the club— socializing mostly, and the occasional private business arrangement.

Politics had never been Inadal's first love, or even his second. He could happily have spent his entire life in Arvedan, overseeing the family estate and only coming to Hanilat for shopping and holidays. But the times weren't good for that. At least a few of the men and women he'd spoken with at the Ploughmen's Club had seen things his way; but they didn't have a plan. The room's communications console sounded its two-note chime, interrupting his thoughts. "House-mind. " The console speaker clicked on.

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