Airfields & Airmen Cambrai by Mike O'Connor

By Mike O'Connor

This most recent e-book at the Airfields & Airmen of the 1st global conflict covers the earliest days of the RFC with the retreat from Mons. We stopover at the graves of Fokker Eindecker aces and the airfields the place the 1st Jastas have been shaped. additionally coated are airfields from which Allied aces resembling Beauchamp Proctor VC flew and there's a stopover at to the yank cemetery at Bony that includes a variety of aviators.

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The tours include the formation of the first German fighter units, the Jagstaffeln, and the first Jasta victory. There is also a visit to the only US cemetery in the area and to two unusual flying memorials. Cross referencing notes in the text As the Airfields and Airmen series has expanded more points of interest have become interlinked. It has been necessary to include additional notes in the text referring the reader to incidents or places in the other books. In order for this not to be intrusive or interrupt the flow of the narrative I have abbreviated where possible.

It was here that pilots were trained in fighter tactics and formation flying, prior to their posting to a Jagdstaffel or fighter unit. Experienced pilots were posted to the school as a rest from the fatigue of combat, and to pass on their knowledge to new pilots. In addition the Jastaschule had a selection of Allied machines for the new pilots to fly in order to assess the strengths or weaknesses of their opponents. Many of the famous German aces passed through Famars, either as students or instructors.

Each tour has its own map with the locations of all the points to be visited, plus most of the places that are mentioned in the text. However, if you cannot find a certain point or feature refer to the first overall map in the book. All maps and aerodrome diagrams are aligned with north at the top. All are to scale but not necessarily the same scale. There are directions from one site to another. The much of the Cambrai area is predominantly agricultural and therefore the directions are reasonably simple.

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