All's Well That Ends Well/The Merry Wives of Windsor by Denis Calandra, PhD Denis Calandra, William Shakespeare

By Denis Calandra, PhD Denis Calandra, William Shakespeare

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Page and her benevolent husband have blind spots when it comes to the marriage of their daughter Anne. The mother's desire for social connections ("friends potent at court") spurs her on to propose a secret wedding with Doctor Caius; and, as before, Mr. " Folly is not the sole property of Falstaff in this play. ACT IV--SCENES 5 & 6 Summary Slender has sent his man Simple to seek the advice of the "Witch of Brainford" on two matters: (1) a chain which he suspects Nym to have stolen and (2) the prospects of his marrying Anne Page.

ACT II--SCENE 2 Summary Pistol begs a loan from Falstaff; after all, it is he who usually takes the risks in their petty crimes. Falstaff reminds the lesser partner that it is only through his--Falstaff's--greater influence and connections that Pistol avoids failure. " Mistress Quickly interrupts with the happy news that both Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford are infatuated with the scholar knight, "The best courtier of them all, when the court lay at Windsor, could never have brought her [Mrs. ). As he addresses himself affectionately, now alone on stage, one imagines the comic effect that could be had if a large full-length mirror were present for him to peer into: Will they yet look after thee?

At the end of the scene, Caius and Evans reaffirm their plan to be revenged on the Host. Commentary Falstaff enters the scene; now he is "sweet Sir John," the overage, would-be courtly lover, spouting poetry and eager for a sexual conquest. He exits this scene as a whale with so many "tuns of oil in his belly," crammed into a basket which no doubt sags precariously between its unfortunate bearers. Imagine the sight of Falstaff trying to save his skin by squeezing into the basket: Mrs. Ford: He's too big to go in there.

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