Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data by Mei-Ling Ting Lee

By Mei-Ling Ting Lee

After genomic sequencing, microarray expertise has emerged as a regular platform for genomic experiences within the lifestyles sciences. Microarray expertise offers a scientific approach to survey DNA and RNA edition. With the abundance of knowledge made out of microarray stories, in spite of the fact that, the last word effect of the experiences on biology will count seriously on information mining and statistical research. The contribution of this publication is to supply readers with an built-in presentation of varied themes on examining microarray data.

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Hence, a considerable effort has been put into trying to identify such variations. Microarray technology can be used both in the identification of polymorphisms and in the diagnosis of polymorphism-related disease. Organisms whose cells have a membranebound nucleus are called eukaryotes. For example, animals and plants are eukaryotes. In eukaryotic cells, the initial pre-mRNA transcription product can be many times longer than needed for translation into pro­ tein. At the end of a eukaryotic gene, there is a regulatory region to which various proteins bind, causing the gene to be transcribed at the right time and in the right amount.

The fluorescence values recorded during every cycle represent the amount of PCR prod­ uct amplified to that point in the amplification reaction. The point at which a statistically significant signal can be recorded above background is called the threshold cycle. The more template present at the begin­ 42 ANALYSIS OF MICROARRAY GENE EXPRESSION DATA ning, the fewer PCR cycles that are required to reach the threshold cycle. The threshold cycle is inversely proportional to the logarithm of the starting amount of template in the PCR reaction.

6. Hybridization Hybridization of the labeled target to the probes on a microarray is performed by adding the targets dissolved in hybridization buffer to the slide within a confined space, followed by incubation for a given amount of time at a certain temperature. The hybridization can, for instance, be performed under a microscope slide cover slip or within a chamber that limits the volume. Volumes are kept small to reduce the time of hybridization. Automated hybridization stations have been developed that agitate the hybridization solution over the slide and allow for better control of hybridization conditions, which gives lower backgrounds and better reproducibility.

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