Analytical Solutions of Geohydrological Problems by G.A. Bruggeman

By G.A. Bruggeman

This ebook has been divided into elements, A and B. half A includes analytical ideas of approximately 1100 geohydrological difficulties within the saturated area. type of the issues in response to yes characteristics.Part B involves 3 chapters, describing the elemental ideas for saturated floor water stream, analytical resolution equipment and mathematical features respectively.

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08 (F) 41wol w _ s s ~wo w - wo d - a 1/~ - b 1/~ ) with - bl/~), . 07 with a - b. 08 with ot -- 2. 08 with o~ - 1. 08) Flow between a well with discharge Q and an equipotential plane of elliptical shape. Well located at P(xo, yo). x2 h--H y2 for ~-5 + ~ - S - 1. 08 according to procedure 4. 01) Flow between a well and a circular basin with constant level. Well with discharge Q located at Y P(l, 0). h=H l forx2+y2=R 2, l > R. 04) Flow between a well and an equipotential plane of parabolic shape.

B. Is horizontal flow in an aquifer caused by vertical infiltration on a given area ? go to 113 The vertical infiltration, which may be natural (precipitation) or artificial, is supposed to be equally distributed over the thickness of the aquifer, so that no vertical flow takes place. c. Flow to or from polders and drained lakes go to 114 Polders and drained lakes consist of leaky aquifers, the leakage being controlled by the polder level in the top semi-permeable layer. It is assumed that only horizontal flow takes place in the aquifer and only vertical flow through the semi-permeable layer as a consequence of different polder levels and surface water levels.

Well with discharge Q, situated at P(ro, 0o), 0 < Oo < arc. 31 with ot - ~. zl/•o )(z 1/or -1/or } 2;0 ) • ~F(r, otzr) = const. 31 with o~ -- 1. Q P o=~Q S2F -- c -+- ~ - I n {(z - zo)(z - zo)}. 31 with c~ -- 2. 24) a well with d i s c h a r g e angle olzr with each m a k i n g an ~ F ( r , 0) - const. 7tl~(r, otzr) -- const. Q, situated near other and having two finite impermeable screens, different lengths, h - h(r, 0). f o r 0 ~

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